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Ways To Get Involved

We encourage you to join us on our mission and vision for better. Better children, better people, and a better life. There are many ways for our volunteers and supporters to "learn, give and do" – and we thank you for looking at ways to become involved with the Foundation of Possibilities.

Learn – Adopt the concept of 'learn' in your personal life, your professional life, or both. Learning is empowering. It's not only empowering for you, it's empowering to those that you share your life with.

Give – Whether it's giving your time or giving money, you can significantly impact others who need support. There are endless opportunities for helping others.

For those who wish to donate financially please use our Pledge Form or submit a donation through our secure PayPal portal.


Do – 'Do' something positive in your world. We encourage volunteerism in a capacity that is meaningful to you. Whether that means through a church, through an organization, or by simply adopting a 'pay it forward' mentality, every person can contribute to a better life for others.

Helpful Links

For those who are looking to get involved immediately, we encourage you to visit This great organization has a fabulous website that matches people with volunteer opportunities.

You can also check the ratings of your favorite charity with