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The Foundation of Possibilities is dedicated to finding and supporting resources and opportunities to help children and their families achieve 'their best life' regardless of family income level, home environment or social status. Throughout the year we hold special events in our community to promote our work, and to help raise funds that support our efforts.

Upcoming Events

Searching for Possibilities

A Limousine Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt LogoThis annual event is unique and offers friends or colleagues the opportunity to 'get to know each other' in a very different way! Fill a limo with up to 8 people to form your 'team' and compete in a race to solve riddles, collect items, and win prizes. Each limo offers a basket of snacks, beverages, and a riddle packet. Your 'team' will solve the riddles and be taken on an adventure to secure items along the way.

Perfect for a corporate break or team building, or a night out with friends, 'Searching for Possibilities' will challenge the smartest in your group (or limo) and is sure to offer memories that won't soon be forgotten!

  • Each team is supplied with a list of clues/riddles. You can go in any order you wish, but it is designed to keep you in a route if you follow it numerically.
  • Teams will depart 5 minutes apart from each other from designated start point.
  • Get as many clues/riddles as you can. The group with the most amount of correct items back in the shortest amount of time wins.
  • You can not ask the chauffeur for help solving clues/riddles, you may only instruct which site to go to next and confirm street names and site locations once determined.
  • Some clues/riddles are more difficult or further and as such will be awarded extra points.
  • When photo is required, at least two members must be in each photo. Creativity is also counted.
  • Bribing chauffeurs is not permitted!
  • Be creative, enjoy the ride and we'll see you when you're finished!

Upon conclusion of the scavenger hunt, the evening will include dinner and entertainment, as well as a silent auction where you will have the opportunity to bid on fabulous items.

Sponsorship opportunities are available, and individual tickets are offered as well as limousine team packages. Just ask us for more details!

Join us…
Location: TBA
Date: TBA
Gather at 6pm; Limousine departure is 6:30pm

Post-Scavenger Hunt Celebration includes
cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, dinner, prizes, awards ceremony,
entertainment and silent auction offering great packages!

Event Sponsor
Hoffman Auto Group